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IDAT107 – Final Animatic

My animatic illustrates the clean visuals I wish to achieve for my final Ident bumper. My initial idea was to use radial text orbiting a central point with various words and phrases transitioning in and out of it; I have implemented a rough and basic version of this concept in this animatic.
The various elements I have used will take a different shape and be viewed from different and changing perspectives when included in the final bumper as I feel it is too static and unbalanced in its current form.
As the orbiting text joins the digital signature it fades in and expands and contracts as if being created and stabilised by the text. When staring at it an optical illusion can make the logo and white space look like a ball. Each grey ‘bubble’ will contain video and expand as it passes through a point or is ‘locked onto’/picked up by the radial rotating text. An idea for the content of these videos could be demonstrating and elaborating on the simplistic text labels.
My choice of colour pallet is limited to mainly white with red and pale blue as these colours both stand out against most photographic or video backgrounds. I have included my digital signature which I now use as personal branding within most of my visual projects.

IDAT107 – 3D object

I have chosen to digitally replicate the Sony Playstation 2, the PS2 is personal to me despite being mass produced because of the many fun experiances I have had with mine. On March 4th the PS2 will be ten years old which serves as a reminder of how quickly time goes by especially in terms of computer technology.

I like the colour and almost brutalist appearance of the console which at the time set it apart from its competitors with its stylish matt black design.

I chose to display in an abstract grey void as if to document and view the object in perfect isolation. I payed close attention to detial using precise measurements so the model is accurate within 0.5mm.

To visually personalise it I added a correcting fluid name lable, as if to prevent confusion between mine and everyone else’s.

Originally I used the walkthrough assistant to have the camera fly though the gaps running along the length of the unit and then fly outwards and pan around to reveal the console. I felt that I needed to give a more gentle overview of the object which shows off its key features; so I changed the route to be an upward spiral with a target camera always facing the centre of the model.

IDAT107 – Digital Signature

After a number of versions which were progressively less insane I eventually found the right balance with this one. The main font I have used is Lucida Sans for the large text and a relatively obscure font called Vani for the diagonal white overlaying text which helps break up the solid block and represent complexity in my identity. I chose both fonts based on aesthetics. I was able to align the top ‘n’s with the bottom ‘d’s using varying point sizes for individual letters of text and different spacing between them. This shows my desire for perfection yet the alignment is not perfect reflecting an element of laziness which acts against it. To add some variation to the image I coloured the two ‘o’s in blue and moved them closer together forming the symbol for infinity. The choice for colour was also based on visual aesthetics but could also reflect national identity despite this not necessarily being a significant factor. I feel the overall effect of the image is that it comes across pleasant and warm yet complex.

Got my result for this and scored 80/100 joint 1st with 4 others. Nice.

IDAT107 – Visual Intelligence

In this module we are looking at ‘Visual Intelligence’ which I would describe as the way information can be extrapolated without having to be processed through a mental system that has to be trained like language so that people can immediatly identify what they are seeing. Text has to be read in a serial way in a linear order, the words are recognised from the patterns of shapes that are letters and put together. After this the person must assemble and understand the meaning encoded in the text for the information to be transfered.

A visual image can bypass the need for a common language to give information. By coupling written words with visual imagry you can convey information on a number of levels.

This leads onto our project for 02/11/09. We will each make a ‘Digital Signature’ which reprisents various aspects of our identity and possibly our constructed online identity which is how we choose to project ourselves.