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IDAT204 – Garry’s Mod Race Event

We opted to go down the second pathway of creating an event in a Virtual Social Environment and chose the popular physics sandbox Garry’s mod. Initially a simple modification of the game Half-Life 2 it has grown into a large and flexible framework for a wide variety of game modes with an established community. We decided to focus on the main multiplayer sandbox game mode which allows users to build contraptions and buildings with many props and tools. Props are pre-made objects that can be combined through the use of constraint tools such as ropes and welds.

To advertise the event we made a simple poster and announced it on the server’s website and twitter.

For our event we organised a race in which participants had 20 minutes to construct their vehicle before racing it around a track which we had built. To start the race we created a in game device to count down to the start and turn lights green, this was done using a number of in-game logic chips that can be wired together.

We edited down our footage into this montage: