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DAT301 – Bioresponsive Game

We were demonstrated and introduced to a number of biometric recording devices including a brain wave measuring headset called a MindWave and a biofeedback sensor kit which had  several different sensors. Based on this we had to create an interactive project making use of this technology.

Writing this after the presentation, it’s fair to say that none of the group were happy with the outcome. We felt that the main problem was the lack of a solid and interesting concept and appealing aesthetics that related to it.

We decided for the sake of variety to avoid Arduino and were attracted to the idea of producing a game that was affected by the level of stress experienced by the player. To get an early start I proposed porting over a game I made in flash in the first year (the poorly named Klepto1), into Processing as a base to build of off. I was more concerned with the technical detail of the programming with extensive use of object orientated programming and making it flexible for the group to use. After this we left completing the remainder of the project too late and had to rush, dropping the use of live data and then there was also confusion over what pre-recorded data we were using. We believe we can avoid this happening again.