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DAT302 – The Wall

This was our first project collaborating with architecture students at the university.

The group was made up of:

Alex Glover
Craig Norman
Lizzie Seymour
Oliver Pullan
Rheanna Woodman
Panayiota Christodoulou
Simon Batty

The project involved the large wall in Devonport that is currently being demolished which separated a residential area with the dockyard. Since the the area is no longer dockyard and is being redeveloped as a residential area the wall is being taken down.

We were group 3A and were tasked with coming up with a structure/installation that was inspired by the wall in some way and incorporated material from the wall. The structure/installation would be built in Devonport High School for Boys and serve as a outdoor learning environment.

We worked on a number of ideas but we favored the idea of building a row of climbing walls making use of RFID readers and tags to track progress and achievement. RFID readers would be behind some of the hand holds and the users would have an RFID tagged wrist band. The climbing walls could slide out at the bottom and down at the top using rails allowing for the incline and therefore difficulty to be adjusted. It could be set to angles between fully vertical to fully horizontal on the ground. The climbing walls would be placed on the side of the gym.